White Belt 10th Gup

Haidong Gumdo – White Belt


As a white belt you will train for approximately 3 to 6 months, with acceptable attendance before testing for your next rank. The following information is provided to you as it will be required for testing for your Yellow belt.

Basics (Start of every Class)

1. KiMaSeh (horse stance), heal/ toe movements, by count: 1) Hai 2) Dong 3) Gum 4) Do
2. End with knees turned in.

Pal Do draw sword, one hand 45 degree cut, bring sword to defense position.

Chun Mung Bae Gae ( or Baggi) center (straight) cut

Chwa BaeGae & U Bae Gae (or Baggi) left cut & right cut

Chao U BaeGae left/right cuts

Sam Dan Bae Gae 3 cuts, center/left/right

Wing Ging O Bae Gae cross cut (two hands), waist high and chamber

Kwan Ja Bae Gae 6 cut combination, ending defense position

TaeToSeh stepping forward, into long stance (feet aligned), front knee bent, turn (pivot 180) defense, then turn (pivot 180) cutting

Pal Sang Seh one leg stance, “rooster stance” (Kumgye Tok Nip PalSangSeh) turn left (pivot 180), low sweeping block with (back of) sword, into TaeToSeh, turn back right (pivot 180), lift left leg, (chin, elbow, left knee in alignment) sword held high, stepping forward, ChaYunSeh, (one hand) cross cut, turn right (180), lift right leg, sword and arms held high, (chin, elbow, right knee in alignment, toes pointed downward)

ChiYun Seh stepping forward, “pushing” sword into defense position,
Ahpro step forward , defense or cutting (BaeGae)
Dwiro step back
Charo step left
Oro step right

Ee O BaeGae (quickly) stepping forward (Ahpro) then back (Dwiro), either cutting or defense; (variation) SaToSeh, short stance, cutting (BaeGae) to ChaYunSeh, cutting (BaeGae); then stepping left (Charo) & right (Oro), cutting (BaeGae)

SaeToSeh short stance, knees bent turn (180 degrees), stepping, cutting or defense, slide feet

ChoChung Seh step forward, ChaYunSeh, make a 45 degree (one handed) cut left to right (pivoting 120 degrees), stepping TaeToSeh, then pivot back forward while in TaeToSeh,, sword raised over head, (re-grip two hands) in front, left elbow pointing down, right arm back.

GiYunSeh (also Chiha se) step forward, into ChaYunSeh, with sword low right side, stepping Ahpro, Dwai, Charo, Oro

How to draw your sword


Hyungs (Forms)

Sang-soo Gumbub: Il Bon (Form 1)


Kyuk gums (One Steps)

Kyuk gum #1



The student will need to extinguish one candle with 20 tries using a muk gum.


Physical Fitness

The Student will need to complete ten push ups for this part of the exam.