Green Belt 6th Gup

Tang Soo Do – Green Belt – 6th Gup to 5th Gup


As a 6th Gup Green belt you will train for approximately 3 to 6 months, with acceptable attendance before testing for your next rank. The following information is provided to you as it will be required for testing for your 5th Gup Green belt with one stripe.


Dwi Dull Ryo Cha Gi (Spinning Back Wheel Kick)
Yup Hu Ri Gi (Stepping Wheel Kick)
E Dan Dull Ryo Cha Gi (Jump Roundhouse Kick)
E Dan Dwi Cha Gi (Jump Back Kick)
Ee Ji Kwon Soo (Two Finger Strike)
Yuk Jin Kong Kyuk (Reverse Punch)
Jang Kwon Kong Kyuk (Palm Strike)
Kwan Do Kong Kyuk (Hammer Fist)


Hyung (Forms)

Pyung Ahn E Dan (Form 5)
Pyung Ahn Sam Dan (Form 6)


Il Soo Sik – Hand (One Steps)

9. Step back left leg fighting stance, right hand outside/inside block, step in horse stance right elbow with right hand, same hand map down and groin attack, and cross hands and right hard snap up and back fist to face.

10. Step back fighting stance (left), right hand inside/outside block, step forward horse stance left leg, left hand grab under elbow and push the person downward, manipulating the elbow, while left leg sweeps their leg.


Il Soo Sik – Foot (One Steps)

9. Step back left leg fighting stance — right hand inside outside, grab, hook kick right leg, come down in horse stance release hand and back fist to face right hand, left hand pivot and elbow.

10. Left leg back fighting stance .- left leg outside/inside kick, block hand with kick, then do a spinning back hook kick with the right leg.


Ho Sin Sul – Self Defense

9. Single lapel – grab thumb, keep hand in chest, twist hand and step to apply pressure to wrist.

10. Double lapel – grab opposite hands, step and twist arms, and lock their arms up, elbow to face

NOTE: All Ho Sin Sul techniques are to be done left side as well as right. To perform the left side, follow same directions–just use the opposite hand and foot.



Children – Jump Side Kick
Adult – Jump side Kick


Two minute sparring match with good control and technique.