Red Belt w/1 Stripe 2nd Gup


Tang Soo Do – Red Belt with one stripe 2nd Gup to 1st Gup


As a 2nd Gup  Red belt with one stripe you will train for approximately 3 to 6 months, with acceptable attendance before testing for your next rank. The following information is provided to you as it will be required for testing for your 1st Gup Red belt with two stripes.



Hyung (Forms)

Chil Song ilo (Form 9)
Bassai (Form 10)


Il Soo Sik – Hand and Foot(One Steps)

4. Begin with right leg back in kicking stance, outside inside block with right leg, side kick middle with same hand and pull down towards you, same time knee strike middle with left leg, arm high then brought straight down applying elbow strike to the base of the neck with right arm.

5. Begin with right leg back in kicking stance, front kick middle with right leg, re-cock and set leg back in original position, spin back thrust kick middle with same leg, knife hand block with right hand, punch high with left hand, slide forward arm high and come down with palm heel strike to side of the head with right hand.

6. Begin with left leg back in kicking stance, front kick middle with left leg, set leg down next to right, round kick high with right leg, set leg down next to left, spin inside outside kick high with left leg, set leg in back, lung forward punch middle/high with left hand.


Ho Sin Sul – Advanced Self Defense

Cross Hands

3. Bring hand inside, and grab underneath, twist wrist to the side, step into horse stance right leg and elbow to face with right arm”

4. Grab the back of their hand. step all the way through to the open side, in fighting stance, manipulating elbow downward, and head but to face.

NOTE: All Advanced Ho Sin Sul is based on doing the technique on the right side. To do the technique on the left, follow the same directions just switch right side to left, and left side to right.


Children – Jump Round-House Kick
Adult – Jump Round-House Kick


Two minute sparring match with good control and technique.