Yellow Belt 9th Gup

Tang Soo Do – Yellow Belt – 9th Gup to 8th Gup


As a 9th Gup yellow belt you will train for approximately 3 to 6 months, with acceptable attendance before testing for your next rank. The following information is provided to you as it will be required for testing for your 8th Gup Orange belt.


Pahl Put Kee (Punch Exercise, Horse Stance)
Kee Mah Ja Seh (Horse stance)
Chun Gul Ja Seh (Front stance)
Wheng Jin Kong Kyuck (Side Punch horse stance)
Soo Do (Knifehand)
Yuk Soo (Knife Hand Defense and Reverse Punch)
Ahneso Phaku Ro Cha Gi (Inside/Outside Axe Kick)
Phakeso Ahnero Cha Gi (Outside/Inside Axe Kick)


Hyung (Forms)

Kee Cho Hyung Ee Bu (Form 2)
Kee Cho Hyung Sam Bu (Form 3)


Il Soo Sik – Hand (One Steps)

3. Step back with left leg fighting stance, outside inside block with right hand, cross hands, step forward into horse stance right leg and right arm elbow to solar plexus.

4. Step back with left leg fighting stance. outside inside block. right hand cross and step forward into horse stance right leg and elbow with right hand, pivot backwards and elbow with left arm.


Il Soo Sik – Foot (One Steps)

3. Left leg step back fighting stance – left leg turning back kick- come down in a front stance, right hand face punch.

4. Right leg back fighting stance right leg round house. come down 45 degree angle in horse stance, left hand punch to stomach, right hand knife hand to neck.


Ho Sin Sul – Self Defense

3. Grab their hand by the pinky, pull over and into your chest, slide opposite hand down, apply pressure to elbow. keep your shoulders up.

4. Come up and in. grab the thumb area, step out to side, apply pressure to the wrist.

NOTE: All Ho Sin Sul techniques are to be done left side as well as right. To perform the left side, follow same directions–just use the opposite hand and foot.



Children – Soo Do (Down)

Adults – Soo Do (Across)



Two minute sparring match with good control and technique.